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Specialized Keys

Advanced Security Products

If you are looking to buy modern security systems, you have come to the right place. At Colonial Lock Service in Westminster, MD, we sell some of the most advanced security products available on the market. Our inventory includes a variety of specialized keys and access systems.

Automotive Keys

Make sure that you do not overpay for professional car key solutions. Turn to Colonial Lock Service today. Our prices are half of what dealerships charge, so you save money on automotive keys when you choose us.

Key Fobs

Our key fobs allow you to have easy access to your home or business without compromising your property’s security features. Additionally, we can program our key fobs to work with your car.

Card Reader Systems

In some cases, regular locks may not be enough to completely secure your property. Upgrade your existing security system with our card reader unit. To provide your house or office with a higher level of protection, our reader systems use an electronic card.

Call us today at 410-876-6296 to get a better idea of our specialized keys. Also, you may visit us to learn more about our various security systems.